Be sure you're signing the same contract

Contract comparison

Be sure you’re signing the same contract

How do you know you and your associates or clients are signing the same contract? You want to be sure to avoid any misunderstandings, differences in interpretation, and perhaps most importantly, nasty international lawsuits.

Contract comparison involves examining both versions of the contract with a fine-tooth comb, and indicating any difference or shift in meaning or interpretation. Sometimes a comma placement is enough to change everything. Unlike proofreading, comparers do not make changes to the document itself. They simply flag where the difference is, and provide a suggestion of how to ensure consistency, or explanation of the risk of misunderstandings as appropriate.

One added benefit of contract comparison – going back to your interlocutors with a discrepancy in the contracts often gives you more leverage for further negotiation.

Legal document reading

Legal professionals know that the vast majority of their work takes place far away from the courtroom

Sifting through thousands of pages of correspondence and documents is often the only way to get evidence for a case.

When those documents are written in a foreign language, the task suddenly becomes extremely complicated.

We are happy to send language and cultural experts to sit down with legal professionals to help them decipher documents and understand what is and is not pertinent.

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